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Big Bend Health partners with a network of local and regional medical providers to administer health care to the eligible county residents of Brewster and Presidio Counties. Big Bend Health is always in need of additional specialists and medical providers to meet the medical needs of our clients. Contact us today to be part of our network of providers!

It is our commitment to provide an excellent customer service experience to all medical providers choosing to work with Big Bend Health:

  • Quick and efficient invoice processing, usually within two weeks of receipt of invoice.

  • In-house billing and processing, all issues quickly resolved.

  • Fast turnaround on medical authorizations.

  • Big Bend Health pays at Medicaid rates, but without the wait and hassle of normal Medicaid billing.

  • New medical providers should complete a provider services agreement before providing health care services, except when emergency medical services are provided. 

  • Non-emergency services and procedures must have prior authorization.  


Do you have a patient that is a Brewster or Presidio County resident that needs help paying medical bills? Have the patient fill out the referral form and submit it to us. Big Bend Health will contact the patient to screen for eligibility and enrollment. 


Not sure what services are covered by Big Bend Health? The Big Bend Health Handbook outlines covered services and exclusions.  


Per state guidelines, invoices should be received within 95 days of the initial date of service for payment. All invoices should be sent to Big Bend Health at:

Big Bend Health
PO Box 1019
Alpine, TX 79831




​105 W. Holland Avenue

Alpine, Texas 79830

Phone: (432) 837-7051

Fax: (432) 837-3261


602 W. O'Reilly Street

​Presidio, Texas 79845

Phone: (432) 837-7051

Fax: (432) 229-2161


Big Bend Regional Hospital District

P.O Box 1439

Alpine, Texas 79831

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