Big Bend Health

​Big Bend Health is a program of Big Bend Regional Hospital District. The District provides assistance to low-income county residents of Brewster and Presidio Counties who do not qualify for other state or federal healthcare programs. The program provides resources to qualified residents through a network of service providers which includes clinics, hospitals, physician offices, and other healthcare providers. 

Our Mission Statement

​Big Bend Regional Hospital District is a bi-county hospital district that serves Brewster and Presidio County.  The management, control, and administration of all funds and resources of the District are vested in the Board of Directors. Our primary mission is to provide indigent health care to the needy residents of the area in a cost-effective manner.


The District was created by acts of the 72nd Texas Legislature in 1991 when the Brewster County Hospital District and the Presidio County Hospital District were merged into the current Big Bend Regional Hospital District. The 80th Texas Legislature consolidated and codified previously enacted legislation to create the existing enabling legislation of the District.   
The District was created to provide hospital and medical services for needy residents of the District, a charge that is the primary mission of the hospital district.
On October 1, 2014 the District took over the administration of the medical program and implemented the Presidio-Brewster County Indigent Healthcare Program (PBCIHP). The processing of applications and administration of the program were all brought in-house to better serve county residents.  


In 2022, the District rebranded its assistance programs and launched Big Bend Health. Big Bend Health provides comprehensive medical coverage to eligible residents of Brewster and Presidio Counties through a network of local and regional medical providers.



Directors are elected from five Single Member Districts (SMD) spanning both Brewster and Presidio Counties. Existing precinct lines are adjusted every ten years in accordance with census data as published by the United States Census Department. 

​The management, control and administration of the District is vested in the Board of Directors who represent all residents of the District equally, regardless of the county, city or community of residence.

S. Buddy Cavness, Chairman

District 4

Marathon, Texas

​Term: 2018-2022

Next Election: May 2026

Andrea Perez, Director

District 1

Presidio, Texas

Term: 2020-2024

Next Election: May 2024

Angela Juett, Secretary

District 5

Alpine, Texas


​Next Election: May 2024

James "Cuatro" White IV, Vice Chairman

District 2

Marfa, Texas

​Term: 2018-2022

Next Election: May 2026

Greg Henington, Treasurer

District 3

Terlingua, Texas

​Term: 2020-2024

Next Election: May 2024

Director Contact:

J.D. Newsom, Executive Director

Big Bend Regional Hospital District

105 W. Holland Avenue

Alpine, TX 79830




J.D. Newsom

Executive Director


Monica Molinar

Patient Advocate


Alpine Office


Vanessa Nunez

Administrative Assistant


Alpine Office


Paola Vizcarra

Patient Advocate


Presidio Office

IMG_2222 (2).JPG

Luz Maria Urias

Sr. Patient Advocate


Presidio Office




​105 W. Holland Avenue

Alpine, Texas 79830

Phone: (432) 837-7051

Fax: (432) 837-3261


602 W. O'Reilly Street

​Presidio, Texas 79845

Phone: (432) 837-7051

Fax: (432) 229-2161


Big Bend Regional Hospital District

P.O Box 1439

Alpine, Texas 79831